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Switchboard Upgrade – Why Upgrades Are Necessary and How to Avoid Overstretching Your Electrical System

It would help if you upgraded your switchboard for many reasons, including increased energy efficiency and safety. For example, a typical Australian home uses around 30% of its energy daily, which may be even higher if you have children or a large family. Depending on your needs, an upgrade can save you as much as 20% per month on your energy bill. Ultimately, you will save money over the long term and be able to enjoy more energy-efficient appliances.

www.mastinelectrical.com.au/fuse-board-upgrades switchboard upgradeOne of the biggest mistakes people make is not getting a www.mastinelectrical.com.au/fuse-board-upgrades switchboard upgrade done until it is past due. They consider an upgrade a huge expense until they have no choice but to spend it. However, it is a worthwhile investment as an overloaded switchboard can cause serious problems, such as flickering lights and even house fires. This article will examine why switchboard upgrades are necessary and how to avoid overstretching your electrical system.

Electrical switchboards are the brain of your home’s electrical system.

Your home’s electrical system starts with a switchboard. These devices collect mains electricity from the street and distribute it to all parts of your home. You can also call them to fuse boxes found in the front of the house. They control the flow of electricity through your house, including circuit breakers, safety switches, and fuses. Occasionally, these devices need to be replaced or upgraded, so it’s essential to know where the switchboard is.

They protect you from electrical hazards.

When you want to protect your home from electrical hazards, make sure your switchboard is updated. Old switchboards typically have ceramic fuses and asbestos back panels. These are both significant electrical safety hazards. These outdated devices can also lead to an electrical fire or electric shock. Modern switchboards feature many safety features to protect you from electric shock, fire, and overload. This article explores some of the benefits of upgraded switchboards for your home.

They enable an RCD safety switch.

Residual current devices (RCDs), also known as safety switches, are a vital component of any switchboard. They detect an imbalance in the flow of electricity and quickly disconnect the power, preventing fire and electrocution. An RCD in a switchboard is mandatory in homes built after 2000 and can save lives if one malfunctions. In case of an overload, an RCD can detect electricity travelling through human bodies.

They are expensive

People often put off switchboard upgrades until they are far overdue. They consider them expensive, but they should consider them an investment. Switchboards are not cheap; an outdated one can lead to flickering lights, house fires, and even more complex situations. To avoid these problems, consider upgrading your switchboard now. It could save you up to 20% in energy costs each month. But how do you know when it’s time to upgrade?

They require a licensed electrician.

If you’re planning to install a www.mastinelectrical.com.au/fuse-board-upgrades switchboard upgrad in your home, you’ll need to have it checked out by a licensed electrician. Safety standards for electrical wiring have changed over the years, and the safety standards for today are much higher than in the 1960s and 1980s. When considering a switchboard upgrade, you should consider your home’s current electrical standards to ensure that it will comply with current codes. Many homeowners may not realize it, but wires and cables are now insulated with PVC, and you’ll want to choose a company that uses these modern types of wiring. Generally, modern PVC cables are white or grey rather than black or silver.

A licensed electrician should upgrade them.

Your electrical system is vital for your home’s safety and functionality. It contains circuit breakers and breaker switches for your entire home, and some homes may also have a subpanel that controls specific home areas. An older house may even have a fuse box. An expert electrician will know how to upgrade your electrical panel to meet all local regulations. If considering upgrading your system, follow these tips to make it safe and energy efficient.

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