Medical Practice Finance

Don't Let The Complexities of Your Medical Practice Concern You Any Longer

Why choose Us?

Bender-Carey Capital offers premier services and expertise for your medical practice. We align our clients with our best Family Offices, Hedge Funds, Pensions Funds, and High Net Worth Lenders. Whether you are starting a new practice or expanding a current one, we are here to provide the financial solutions you need.


We Offer


Office Expansion

Expanding your office has never been easier. We can aid your process with our connections across town and expertise in the real estate sector


Equipment and Technology

6-72 month leases. We provide the easiest application around. Up to $3,000,000 provided


Working Capital

We work closely with lenders who will provide your practice with the capital you need to excel. Without working capital it can be hard to stay afloat so we will find you a hard working lender that suits your exact needs


Cash Management Solutions

Managing your money can seem difficult. This is where we come in. Our team of business advisors know just what to do to scale growth and keep your patients happy and coming back


Starting Your Practice

Beginning a practice can seem daunting. Let us ease the burden by helping you find the necessary financing to get your medical practice started headache free


Commercial Real Estate Acquisition

Finding the right space to put your practice is very tricky. We have the know how in this sector to find you the best location and the best price for the building.


Medical Receivables

We can use MR as collateral to help


Faster Approvals Than Banks

Banks can take months or even years to get you approved for a loan. The Bender-Carey Group is able to find the capital quicker and get you approved in no time so you can get to work

Healthcare solutions for your practice

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